Spin It or Win It

September 08 2016 by Alan Salnikov

PROJECT.Devens heads to Wilmington OH this weekend for the second ProSolo event this year at that site. A huge contingency from the New England Region ->

The Road to CSP

September 08 2016 by Ryan Field

It’s been quite the bumpy road on the way to making my car competitive in C Street Prepared. I started the project at the end ->

The sky is falling in STR

September 08 2016 by Will Koscielny

If anything is true about Project Devens, it’s that we run the gamut of classes. This weekend we competed in STR, CSP and AS. STR ->

PROJECT.Devens storms into DC and an uphill battle

September 08 2016 by Will Koscielny

Under cloudy skies and mixed weather, various members of PROJECT.Devens arrived on site. The course looks undulating and favors raw acceleration versus handling and finesse. ->

Focus on your line….not the airplane taking off.

September 07 2016 by Will Koscielny

If I have learned anything from competing in national level autocross, it is that you need to focus on yourself and not worry about the competition. ->