If I have learned anything from competing in national level autocross, it is that you need to focus on yourself and not worry about the competition. Focus on your line, how you can get around that slalom ever so much faster, should I shift to third(answer on the left side this weekend was…no, no you should not). ProSolo Wilmington presented, not only the same national autocross level of competition I enjoy, but in a format that I found very exciting. Drag racing starts next to a Honda S2000 that is way over the sound limit are fun. But, it is kind of hard to hear the rev limiter on a Stock Exhaust MX-5. :)

I sneaked into 3rd place in STR with the second fastest time on the right side. The left side course was my issue on Sunday, I could have found .5 seconds easily but I was sloppy at the start and my bet of shifting to third didn’t pay off for the slaloms. Well off the pace on the left side.

Also, I didn’t even see this plane taking off during one of my left runs.

Day Two of my best right side run:

I don’t know what will happen with the DC Pro, I may be in another car…perhaps an NC?