PROJECT.Devens heads to Wilmington OH this weekend for the second ProSolo event this year at that site. A huge contingency from the New England Region of 27 and 9 are from PD! Josh Brockman (STR), Justin Chen (CSP), Evan Clavijo(STR), Mark Dudek(STR), Ryan Field(CSP), Nik Finn(STR), Will Koscielny(STR), Jacob Ronald(STR) and Mark Sarcevicz(AS)

Personally, I’m shooting for a win or spin, I’ve qualified for the ProSolo Finale with enough points for a Tier 2 entry. Winning this weekend means Tier 1 entry and better position heading into the finale. Jacob and I haven’t had a chance to do much more development on the car, so we are still only with a tune on stock exhaust components(Long Tube on order!!), suspension, and proper tires (BFGs this weekend!) It’ll be a challenge but that’s what autocross is all about.

More updates from Wilmington OH when we get there!