If anything is true about Project Devens, it’s that we run the gamut of classes. This weekend we competed in STR, CSP and AS. STR is where most of the crew competes. The class where the sky is falling. The ND proved again this weekend that the class is changing with a 1-2-3 finish for the ND. Change is good for the class that has seen the Honda S2000 lead the pack for many years. The S2000s are great cars and I drove one last year and loved it. Put a capable driver in either car and the results will be similar.

Toledo is another amazing site with a beautiful concrete beach. My sandal tan got a workout this weekend. The course was best of the year so far!

I loved the “hammer head” corner before the long sweeper. If you nailed that, then you’re accelerating in the sweeper much sooner and entering the final slalom at a blistering pace. The last third of the course separated the men from the boys.

Project Devens managed to grab two trophy spots this weekend 3rd in AS and 3rd in STR. Others struggled with setup or cones. ProSolo is a game of tenths and finding pace immediately.

I struggled with red lights on Saturday morning. Jumping the lights with a .468 on the left and .414 on the right (.500 is perfect and anything under invalidates the run). I cleaned that up with .585 and .517 lights and got myself in third place for the morning. But, I dropped to fourth in the PM on Saturday with everyone in the trophy spots finding time.

Overnight, I obsessed over the videos and found where I was making mistakes. Sunday, I scaled back the aggressiveness on launches and focused on .6 lights. I sneaked into third with solid runs on both sides dropping time every run. Still off the pace of better prepared cars but I’m very happy with the results!

Next event is NER SCCA this coming weekend. Where there has been a different winner at every event for STR. And ProSolo Wilmington 2 in July.